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Hubig Pies New Orleans

Tuesday, November 8th, 2022 - Latest

Hubig Pies New Orleans – Hubig’s Pies, sometimes called Hubig’s New Orleans Style Pies, is a brand of fried pies with fruit and sweet fillings produced by the Simon Hubig Pie Company in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Founded in Texas in 1922, the pies became popular and opened 8 factories across the country. Unfortunately, all but the NOLA location closed during the Great Depression.

Hubig Pies New Orleans

Hubig Pies New Orleans

The pies came off the shelves in 2012 after a devastating fire at the Nola location. Thankfully, the pies may be getting a new lease of life as the new owner has confirmed they should be back on sale in a few months.

Hubig’s Pie Has Long History In New Orleans

Although an exact date has not been confirmed, the Pie franchise was actually set to reopen last year, but faced several setbacks due to the ongoing pandemic.

The return remains a mystery, better keep your eyes open, NOLA. Maybe one day soon you’ll see these delicious pies being sold around town.

And don’t worry all you traditionalists, because the new pies will be exactly the same as the iconic ones that were once sold in supermarkets, gas stations and well… wherever.

We promise to keep you informed of all Hubig news. The perfect snack will be back! Hubig’s Pies, an icon of New Orleans delights, went up in flames early Friday morning. The company, which has been feeding New Orleanians since the 1920s, has recovered from the flooding of Hurricane Katrina. Now the Hubigs are also being tested with flame.

Hubig’s Pie Bakery Completely Destroyed In A.m. Fire

Its humble little sugar-glazed fried pies, made with lard for a flaky, hearty crust and filled with fruit, coconut, chocolate or—in the fall—fresh Acadiana yam, are part of the city’s sweet soul. They don’t necessarily attract sophisticated foreigners, says Brett Anderson, restaurant critic for the Times-Picayune.

“If you’re any kind of serious foodie, it’s not self-evident why you should be grateful when you eat it,” said Mr. Anderson, who grew up in Minnesota. “I have

Local love for Hubig’s is “part of the code” of living in New Orleans, he said, and he appreciates trendy restaurants like Galatoire’s and po’ boy sandwich joints. “They love Hubig’s Pie as much as Banana Foster,” he said.

Hubig Pies New Orleans

It’s a Catholic embrace of high and low, and a sensibility that says too much is never enough. After all, it is a love of tradition in a place with a century of history and a long history of loss.

Louisianans Want To Bring Back Hubig’s Fried Pies After 2012 Fire

So these are more than a pie. Four months after Hurricane Katrina, when Hubig’s trucks started making deliveries again and small packages with a picture of “Savory Simon” on his extravagant toki started showing up in stores, there was cause for celebration. Pies are so closely associated with the city, its suffering and recovery, that in the first episode of “Treme,” the definitive HBO series set in New Orleans, a restaurant whose kitchen can’t have a dessert menu pulls a Hubig pie from its purse and asks the chef . The customer likes it. (Locals complain that the bakery did not reopen at the time shown in the episode, which stretches the limits of accuracy, if not shelf life.)

The bakery was in a converted barn on rue Dauphine, a quiet block in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood. Firefighters said the fire started in the center of the building, “in an area called the fryer, and quickly spread.” Thirty-two fire engines extinguished the fire.

Charles Parent, the fire chief, recalled in an interview with WDSU television that the company gave unsold pies to firefighters and police officers in the chaotic days after Hurricane Katrina, so they felt the loss hard. “Our guys cleaned it up with their tears,” he said.

Company president Lamar Bowman said no one was injured in the fire and that was the most important thing. Mr. Bowman said he had received calls of condolence and support from across the country and vowed that this latest setback would not mean the end of Hubig.

Where Y’eat: Dixie Beer And Hubig’s Pie, Together Again At Last

“We brought it back from Katrina, so our intention is to rebuild it and come back from that as well,” he said. “We’re going to start from scratch and make it bigger and better.”

For now, New Orleans is without its pie. Habiga fans look for their treats at every gas station and supermarket where they are sold. “We opened at 6 o’clock and I’d say they left at a quarter to 7,” said John Serpas, manager of Harrison’s Grocery in the Lakeview neighborhood.

The woman who bought the last two pies said she took a box labeled “A New Orleans Tradition.” “It might be worth some money later in life,” he said. An iconic New Orleans company is making a comeback as Hubig’s Pies announces plans to resume production after their old facility burned down. A longtime maker of fried fruit pies will open a new $1.3 million facility in Jefferson Parish. Jerry Bologna, chairman of the Jefferson Economic Development Commission, said many Louisianans grew up on the treat and will bring back their original recipe.

Hubig Pies New Orleans

“I’m one of them because I grew up a fan of this lemon pie. I think a lot of people have an affinity and affection for the brands and the flavors and they can’t wait to enjoy those flavors again,” he said.

Hubig’s Pies Careers

A fire in 2012 put the brand, which had been in New Orleans for 90 years, to rest. Bologna said Hubig’s pies will bring quality jobs with annual salaries averaging just over $40,000.

“The reopening of Hubig’s Pies will result in 14 direct jobs and 16 indirect jobs, so really 30 new jobs,” Bologna said.

Bologna said the planned launch is set for 2020 and is currently looking to finalize the location of the local distribution and e-commerce facility.

“We’re known for our food, we’re known for that part of the culture, and to be able to capture another food producer in the region speaks well of our ability to export those products,” Bologna said. Fresh Hubig pies are displayed on a rack awaiting delivery that day, Wednesday, February 28, 2007, in New Orleans.

Jackson Jambalaya: The Return Of The Pie

Theresa and Malcolm Thompson, husband and wife who have worked at Hubig’s pies for more than 30 years, pack the iconic treat for shipment to the company’s factory in the 2400 block of Dauphin Street on February 21, 2002.

Hubig’s Pies were simple, hand-me-downs beloved for generations before a fire destroyed the company’s New Orleans factory in 2012. Plans are underway to bring the brand back into business.

Jordan Crouch, 4, of Mandeville, divers high five in the Caribbean Reef exhibit at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, Aug. 1, 2012. All divers wore Hubig’s Pie shirts.

Hubig Pies New Orleans

An alligator, a Chihuahua mix, rides on a Hubig’s Pies float while animal lovers attend Pet Fest at Lafreniere Park on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019, in Metairie, La.

Thanks To Port Time, The Hunt For Hubig’s Moves East

Standing for Hubig’s Pies, long after Hubig’s factory burned down, is an empty box of Gently’s Mackenzie’s Chicken.

Hubig’s pies are in boxes ready for distribution at the company’s Faubourg Margini factory on September 13, 2006 in New Orleans.

If all goes according to plan, the fried hand pies will arrive in paper wrappers with familiar creases and texture. They will be sold in grocery stores and gas stations and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Yes, the wheel is turning to bring back Hubig’s pies. The local delicacy has been absent for nearly eight years, since a fire destroyed the company’s original factory in Faubourg Marigny in July 2012. But hearing from those who crave pie remains at the top of their minds.

Hubig’s Pies: After The Fire

Andrew Ramsay, the next generation owner of Hubig’s Pies, is keenly aware of this expectation. Those hopes and aspirations were rekindled last summer when word first spread of his plans to return. Today, he and a small team are working on the steps of that plan.

Hubig has a new home — in Jefferson Parish. The new factory is being built in a nondescript warehouse just off Jefferson Highway near the Hue Pi Long Bridge.

Ten years after a fire destroyed the Hubig’s Pies factory, there is some good news for the return of the beloved New Orleans treat. The company…

Hubig Pies New Orleans

“We have the capacity, we are acquiring the equipment, we have the know-how and experience. We’re going to get the group back together,” Ramsay said.

New Orleans Rallies To Help Hubig’s Pies Return

When the pies will return to store shelves remains a tricky question for Ramsey, as his timeline is still subject to many changes. For now, he’ll just say he hopes to have the pies ready to sell by summer.

“The next pie you have will be the last pie by any means,” Ramsey said. “It will be identical.”

In business since 1922, Hubig’s Pies have become more than just a familiar New Orleans flavor. Same at home

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